Annual Ceili

The Lincoln Irish Dancer’s (LID) 20th Annual Ceili (Irish social dance) will be Sunday, March 11, 2018,  6:30-9pm at the Auld Rec Center in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska’s Antelope Park.  To celebrate our 20th anniversary of providing traditional Irish dance lessons and performance shows in Nebraska, the Ceili (Kay-lee) will be better than ever!

Ceili in the Irish language simply means gathering or party – when villagers would get together in a home or pub to play music and dance. In Ireland they will take an intermission with tea and scones.  We serve an assortment of baked goods such as cookies, soda bread, brownies, cupcakes, etc.

We have been told by past dance callers who were from Ireland  that our Ceili dance reminds them of the authentic Ceilis that they attended when they were growing up.  We are proud to carry on the tradition of Ireland’s public social dance, the Ceili to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day season.

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Catherine Bishop

Catherine Sherer Bishop will be calling the dances.  She is from Jackson, Mississippi. Bishop received a Fulbright award to study at the University of Limerick, where she earned her 2nd Masters Degree, which had an emphasis in Irish Traditional Dance. While undertaking an intensive study of Irish dance and teaching, Catherine earned the T.C.R.G (Irish dance teacher certification) from the Irish Dancing Commission in Dublin.

Bishop’s dance instruction is very accessible, providing the opportunity to become familiar with simple Irish dance steps. Experience is NOT required. The social dances featured at the ceili are the ancestors of Appalachian contra dances and country square dances. The music consists of reels, jigs, waltzes, hornpipes, polkas and slides. Irish dancing is great fun and terrific exercise, and there is no need to memorize dance sequences, as they will be ‘called’.