All Lincoln Irish Dancers classes and events unless otherwise noted will be held at Eastridge Presbyterian Church, 1135 Eastridge Dr, Lincoln, NE 68510 . Eastridge Presbyterian Church is a short distance north of 56th and A on the east side of 56th Street. There is plenty of parking. Use the main west doors and turn right and down the stairs. (NOTE: classes are designed so that you can start any 5-week session during the year).

Scroll down for a chart with fees, prerequisites and more. 

Kids’ Class

Next Kid’s Class will be 9/10/18 – 10/8/2018. Registration is through Eventbrite. or click here

This is a class for 8-11 year olds. Students learn basic steps and figures to prepare them to do Irish Dance. Included may be a few ceili dances (kind of like square dances). There is a 5-week class in the fall and one in the spring. Pre-Registration through Eventbrite is required

Irish Social Dance Class
This is a class for those 12 years and older. Younger with other dance experience require Instructor approval. There is no upper age but men and women attending should be able to move freely. Irish Social Dance (Ceili) is similar to square dance but does not require a male/female couple as does square dance. Those new to Ceili will be in class with seasoned dancers and may upon occasion be paired to facilitate teaching/learning. No pre-registration is required.

Performance Classes
Performance Classes of 30 minutes are held weekly from 8:00 – 8:30/9:00 p.m. from the beginning of the new LID year (fall through spring). November through February class session time may increase to 60 minutes. From the end of February through early April, Performance Class will be used for show fine-tuning and/or rehearsal for upcoming shows. March rehearsals typically last 90-120 minutes. Those who are performing are asked to commit to attending this class for performance readiness. There is no fee.

To perform, the minimum requirement is one session of Irish Social Dance and instructor approval. Approval will depend on individual readiness as evidenced by ability to do the steps and figures that are part of ceili dances. Those who are interested in performing may ask about how to prepare to be able to perform.

Recommendations for Attire

Flexible clothing and shoes recommended.
We encourage adult students to wear flexible knit pants or capris/shorts, neither tight or restrictive nor excessively baggy. We recommend NO denim jeans – denim tends to be hot to dance in and restrictive of movement.

Tennis shoes are acceptable for students in Irish Social Dance class, as are jazz shoes and ballet slippers. Bring a pair of shoes to change into so outside dirt, rocks, wetness does not come onto the dance floor.  

For Performance Class, students should wear Irish dance shoes (ghillies), jazz shoes or Zumba shoes which allow dancing on toes.

You will not want dangling or jingling jewelry, keys, change, cell phones, etc., on your person.

Class Times/Pre-requisites/Cost

Class When? For Whom? Cost
Kid’s Classes (Ceili) age 8-11 Fall & Spring

6:30-7:00 pm

Prerequisite: Pre-registration required. $20/5 week session
Irish Social Dance (Ceili) 7-8 pm Anyone age 12 & up (or with instructor permission) new to Irish dance. Prerequisite: Pre-registration required. $25/5 weeks + $15 registration fee for initial class (includes complimentary membership)
Performance 8:00-8:30 pm August-December; April-May

8:00-9:00 pm January-March

Lincoln Irish Dancers performers. Prerequisite: Advanced student status. Paid annual membership