The mission of Lincoln Irish Dancers is:

“To heighten awareness and appreciation of traditional Irish dance, and to celebrate Irish culture.”

Our weekly classes in Irish social dance (ceili) include information on how the dances came to be and be named as they are. The class instructor makes every effort to include appropriate cultural information.

Lincoln Irish Dancers (LID) publishes a listserv to keep its members and others who are interested in Irish culture apprised of upcoming public events sponsored by LID or where LID is participating in a public event. If you would like to receive this periodic listserv Bulletin contact

Two long time LID members provide listservs as well, with content different from the LID Bulletin and from each other’s email publication. Sign up for one or both:

• The IRISH STORY is a weekly email which features Irish and Irish-American: trivia, history, book and movie reviews, current news, videos, and information on regional Irish festivals and local cultural events. If you would like to be “in-the-know” about all things Irish, you may subscribe by emailing Terri Heckman at

Lori Mc’s Celtic List delivers free announcements to your email periodically about local Celtic events and resources. From book discussion to travelogue, from dance classes to hymn songs and live performances and more in between! If it is Irish, Scots, Welsh, Breton, Manx or Galician you will read it here and have all the information you need to participate! To subscribe, please contact Lori McAlister at

LID TV Show!  
LID’s TV show, “Hooley in the House” is still being aired on Spectrum’s LCC-TV
line-up.  T
he channel is now 1302.  Show times are Wednesdays at 5:00 and
Saturdays at 4:30.