Annual Community Ceili

Lincoln Irish Dancers 2021 Community Ceili (Social Dance) Event

Look forward to the 23rd year of this Lincoln Irish Dancers event on Sunday, March 7, 2021!  There is live music by an area band so you can dance or just listen to the great celtic music.  To help you move through each dance, we provide a “caller” who runs through each set of movements prior to actually doing them to music.  The setting is friendly and you’ll see smiling faces to attest to the fun folks are having.  Here are a few images from the 2020 Ceili.

Celebrate all things Irish

Broom Dance
Broom Dance

On Sunday March 8, 2020 from 6:30-9:00 pm the Rivertown String Band played at the Lincoln Irish Dancers Annual Community Ceili. The dances were called by Susan Ritta.

The Annual Ceili was held at St. Patrick’s Church 6111 Morrill Avenue in Havelock. A raffle, refreshment and dance demo took place. Some of the raffle items are below. The beverages require the person to be of legal age of 21 or older.

Ceili Bear Celtic Fire March 17 tickets decorator rug
Irish music Baileys raffle age 21 or older aran sweater
decorator pillow Guinnes raffle age 21 or older jackets

To know more about the Rivertown String Band, see They are a traditional acoustic folk music band from Omaha, Nebraska.

Rivertown String Band
Rivertown String Band located in Omaha, Nebraska

Ceili, in the Irish language, simply means gathering or party – when villagers would get together in a home or pub to play music and dance. In Ireland they will take an intermission with tea and scones.  We serve an assortment of baked goods such as cookies, soda bread, brownies, cupcakes, etc.

We have been told by past dance callers who were from Ireland  that our Ceili dance reminds them of the authentic Ceili’s that they attended when they were growing up.  We are proud to carry on the tradition of Ireland’s public social dance, the Ceili to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day season.

Irish Ceili Dance Party

Ceili Event
Ceili Event

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