Booking Shows

ghilliesLincoln Irish Dancers are in their final year, ending May 1, 2022.  Requests for shows through April 2022 will be accepted on an ‘as available’ basis.

If you’re interested in a booking or finding out more about it, email us at You may also phone 402-802-8644 and ask for Robin or 402-580-4566 and ask for Elizabeth. Or, you may download a Show Request Form  here . Submit the completed form (email preferred), allowing 3-5 business days for review and approval. We generally need a minimum lead time of two weeks for rehearsal between the approval date and the requested show date.

If the request can be approved, a Show Coordinator will contact you to discuss the details of your show, including our billing/remittance process.


Evenings and weekends, with limited weekday performances.

Space Requirements

We recommend a minimum space of 12′ x 12′ and prefer a hard surface such as vinyl, laminate or wood that is sturdy and level.


Fees for local performances generally range from $75 to $250, depending on length of show and the profit/non-profit status of your organization. NOTE: Requests for a show of less than 30 minutes will be billed at the “minimum/30 minute” rate.  When you contact us for a booking, we will discuss all details with you then. All payment is due in advance.

Performance at Parthenon

Performance at Parthenon