Booking Shows


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Lincoln Irish Dancers accepts requests for shows as a means to provide an operating budget for the organization. We perform for weddings, birthday parties and reunions, cultural celebrations, festivals, schools, churches, independent/assisted living facilities, pubs/restaurants, civic groups, workplace, church groups and more.

Lincoln Irish Dancers is an all-volunteer organization. As such and in order to provide a top-notch show, requests for performances should be submitted as soon as you have a date in mind, realizing that a minimum of 2 – 4  weeks is required to complete the process. Contact the Booking Coordinator here for a Show Request form.  Complete the form and submit (email preferred), allowing approximately 3-5 business days for review and approval. Every effort is made to accommodate your request, but time constraints/previous bookings may result in an inability to meet your specific date/time.  Alternate available dates/times will be offered in such cases. NOTE: Requests for a Show of less than 30 minutes will be billed at the “minimum/30 minute” rate.

You will be notified by the Booking Coordinator when the completed request is approved, be introduced to the Show Coordinator who will be handling your show, and will receive an invoice with payment amount and remittance information.  Requests are processed on a first come first served basis.  There must be a minimum lead time of two weeks between the approval date and the requested show date.

Show requests are accepted year round. Requests for shows between May and August and during March (St. Patrick’s season) should be made at least 30 days prior to the requested date. Note that during St. Patrick’s season when the Performance Schedule generally fills, requests are fulfilled on a “first come first served” basis for any date/time request. While there in no minimum performance duration, any request for less than 30 minutes will be billed at the “minimum/30 minute” rate. “Show” time purchased can be divided between a performance by Lincoln Irish Dancers and Audience Participation facilitated by us.


Evenings and weekends, with limited weekday performances on occasion.

Space Requirements

Minimum space of 12′ x 12′ is recommended, however a smaller space may be suitable. A hard surface such as vinyl is preferred and it should be that is sturdy and level.


Fees for local performances generally range from $100 to $250, depending on length of show and the status of your organization, non-profit or other. Mileage both ways at the federal business rate will be required for events outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. Since our performers come from various parts of Lincoln, mileage is determined by googling “mileage Lincoln NE to (your address, town). For extended or lengthy out-of-town performances, other fees may also apply, and pricing is sometimes arranged on a “package” basis. When you contact us for a booking, we will discuss all details with you then.

Booking Information

If you’re interested in a booking or finding out more about booking a performance, send us an email at You may also phone 402-802-8644 and ask for Robin or 402-580-4566 and ask for Elizabeth.

Our email address for all other comments and inquiries is

Our mailing address is: Lincoln Irish Dancers, P.O. Box 83975, Lincoln, NE 68501-3975.

Lincoln Irish Dancers is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Performance at Parthenon

Performance at Parthenon