Everyone please keep themselves and others safe by following the guidelines put forth for the State of Nebraska, City of Lincoln, and county where you live.  Join Lincoln Irish Dancers Board of Directors and Class Instructor, Laura Nettland, in staying healthy and positive as we look forward to next fall when our classes begin again!

Schedule for the 2020-2021 Season
We are looking forward with hope and optimism to the 2020- 2021 Lincoln Irish Dancers class and performance season beginning September 14, 2020.  Keep an eye on for ever-changing inspiring sayings and graphics.  In the meantime, follow Lincoln Irish Dancers on Facebook for inspiration, updates, videos, announcements, and more. Post your comments on what you like best and how you are keeping up with Irish culture and dance during this long ‘break’ from our normal lives.

Session 1: Sept 14 – Oct 12, 2020

Session 2: Oct 19 – Nov 15, 2020

Session 3: Nov 23 – Dec 7, 2020 (3 classes)

Holiday Hooley – Dec 14

Session 4: Jan 4 – Feb 1, 2021

Session 5: Feb 8 – Mar 8, 2021

March 15 – Rehearsal 6-10pm

March 22 – No classes

March 29 – FREE Try It 6:30-8:00pm

Session 6: Apr 5 – May 3, 2021

Annual Meeting – May 10, 2021

Irish Step Class | Irish Social Dance Class | Performance Class

All Lincoln Irish Dancers classes and events unless otherwise noted will be held at Eastridge Presbyterian Church, 1135 Eastridge Dr, Lincoln, NE 68510 . Eastridge Presbyterian Church is a short distance north of 56th and A on the east side of 56th Street. There is plenty of parking. Use the main west doors and turn right and down the stairs. (NOTE: classes are designed so that you can start any 5-week session during the year).

Scroll down for a chart with fees, prerequisites and more. 

Irish Step Dancing

Irish Step Class

Ever wanted to try Irish step dancing without too much commitment? Here’s a super 5-week class opportunity to give your dream a try with dance-friendly people. Irish step dancing is the solo dance style; i.e., not done in sets (groups). We will all learn together the basic steps and work them into easy reel and jig step combinations. So, whether you are a youngster or an ‘adult kid’ and have always wanted to give it try, we would love to have you dance with us!

Along with Irish social dance, this is a great way to exercise without seeming to!

Step Class
Step Class

Learning the Basics click for video


Session 1 – 9/14/20 – 10/5/20 at 6:30-7:00PM

Irish Social Dance Class
This is a class for those 12 years and older; younger ages with other dance experience requires instructor approval. There is no upper age but men and women attending should be able to move freely. Irish social dance (ceili) is similar to square dance but does not require a male/female couple. Those new to ceili will be in class with seasoned dancers and may be paired to facilitate teaching/learning. No pre-registration is required.


Session 1 – 9/14/20 – 10/5/20 at 6:30-7:00PM

Performance Class

Performance Class will be held from 8:00-8:30pm from 10/14/19-12/9/19 and 8:00-9:00pm from 1/13/19-3/9/19.

Performance classes of 30 minutes are held weekly from 8:00 – 8:30/9:00 from the beginning of the new LID year (fall through spring). November through February class session time may increase to 60 minutes. From the end of February through early April, Performance Class will be used for show fine-tuning and/or rehearsal for upcoming shows. March rehearsals typically last 90-120 minutes. Those who are performing are asked to commit to attending this class for performance readiness. There is no fee.

To perform, the minimum requirement is one session of Irish Social Dance and instructor approval. Approval will depend on individual readiness as evidenced by ability to do the steps and figures that are part of ceili dances. Those who are interested in performing should ask about how to prepare to be able to perform.

As a “thank you” for all the volunteer time performers invest in LID, performers may deduct $5/class when they know ahead of payment date that they will not be able to attend all classes.  This applies to step class as well as social dance class.  

Recommendations for Attire

Flexible clothing and shoes recommended.
We encourage adult students to wear flexible knit pants, workout attire or capris/shorts, neither tight and restrictive nor excessively baggy. We suggest NO denim jeans, as denim tends to be too hot to dance in and restricts movement.

Tennis shoes are acceptable for students in Irish Social Dance class, as are jazz shoes and ballet slippers. Bring a pair of shoes to change into so outside dirt, rocks, wetness does not come onto the dance floor on your street shoes.  

For Performance Class, students should wear Irish dance shoes (ghillies), jazz shoes or Zumba shoes which allow dancing on toes.

Please, no dangling or jingling jewelry, keys, change, cell phones, etc.

Class Times/Pre-requisites/Cost

Class When? For Whom? Cost
Step Class Fall & Spring

6:30-7:00 pm

Anyone age 7 and up

$20/individual/5 week class session + annual registration fee at initial class

Annual registration fee is $15/individual or $25/family

Irish Social Dance (Ceili) 7-8 pm Anyone age 12 & up (or with instructor permission) new to Irish dance. Prerequisite: Pre-registration required.

$25/individual/5 week class session + annual registration fee at initial class

Annual registration fee is $15/individual or $25/family

Performance 8:00-8:30 pm August-December; April-May

8:00-9:00 pm January-March

Lincoln Irish Dancers performers. Prerequisite: Advanced student status. Paid annual registration fee

Refund Policy/ Cancellation Policy

All class fees are due at the beginning of each 5-week session.  LID accepts both cash and checks, with all fees for returned/insufficient funds checks the responsibility of the dancer submitting the check in payment of fees/membership. While dancers may pay ahead for future sessions if they wish, there are no refund provisions for missed classes/sessions.  

In the event the instructor is ill or otherwise unable to provide class a specific evening due to illness, snow or other unforeseeable circumstance, this information will be disseminated through the Member Memo listserv, posted on Facebook, and every effort will be made to contact dancers signed up for that session as soon as a determination has been made, using contact information as provided for the LID (substitute: Registration/Member List)  If class is cancelled by the instructor/LID Board, members signed up for that class will be credited (Substitute: the fee paid for one class) to be applied toward the student’s next class.

As a “thank you” for all the volunteer time performers invest in LID, performers may deduct the fee/class when they know ahead of payment date that they will not be able to attend all classes.  This applies to Step Class as well as Irish Dance class.

Inclement weather or other cancellations are NOT tied to Lincoln Public Schools cancellations. However, if UNL and/or SCC cancel evening classes because of snow/inclement weather, there will be no class that night. The main UNL ( or SCC ( web pages will indicate when classes are cancelled, as will various radio and television stations (for UNL and SCC not for LID).  Members are encouraged to make their own determination as to whether or not they feel conditions are safe for them to drive, and if not, STAY HOME.  NOTE: LID class sessions are not adjusted for LPS vacations/federal holidays.

If the class venue needs to be changed on the rare occasion of a Tuesday funeral requiring Monday set up, a sign will be posted on the front door of our Eastridge Presbyterian venue directing LID dancers to Fourth Presbyterian Church, 5200 St. Francis Street.