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Lincoln Irish Dancers,

It was our pleasure to have you here. The play was great. Dancing, storytelling and music are a great way to share and teach a story like this. Great job on performing it.


Susan J. Cook Chief, Interpretation and Resource Management Homestead National Monument of America 8523 W. State Highway 4 Beatrice NE 68310

Terri Heckman, the show coordinator, wrote a wonderful  story about a brother and sister (Patrick and Brigit Donahue) who immigrate to the United States.

Lisa, Sarah, Robin, Betsy at Homestead Days in Beatrice.

Lincoln Irish Dancers (Lisa, Sarah, Robin, Betsy) performed at Homestead National Monument, Beatrice NE both Saturday and Sunday.

The Lincoln Irish Dancers performed their 2nd show at the Homestead National Monument today for their Homestead days. The show told the story of Irish Immigrants coming into America through dance and characters played out on stage. It followed the lives of Patrick Donahue (Laura Nettland) and sister Brigit (played by Ashley Heckman) as they made their way into a new land. Here are some pics we took in front of the visitor center of ‘brother & sister’, Patrick & Brigit, and then of my character with his Civil War Union Army hat on (carrying the colors of his countries from the Brigade Reel and flag routine dance) – representing the Fighting 69th — the Irish Brigade!

Laura in Boy's Brigade attire.

Laura at Homestead Days in Beatrice wearing the Boy’s Brigade attire.

Laura saluting.

Laura saluting while wearing the Boy’s Brigade attire at Homestead Days in Beatrice, NE.

Ashley and Laura at Homestead Days in Beatrice

Ashley (played Brigit) and Laura (played Patrick) at Homestead Days in Beatrice, NE.

Seward Independent newspaper - June 2018

Lincoln Irish Dancers Elena, Hannah, Ashley perform the Celtic Knot in Seward, NE.